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Audition Notice: Night Watch

Audition Dates: Sunday Nov. 4th & Monday Nov. 5th – 6:00-9:00pm

Callbacks: Tuesday November 6th – 6:00-9:00pm

Location: Surrey Little Theatre, 7027 184th St, Surrey


Needed: 4 women (30-65), 5 men (20-65)

Audition protocol: cold read from script


The Play: Night Watch is by Lucille Fletcher and directed by Lance Peverley.

A woman sees a dead body in the window of the abandoned building across the way from her home. Her husband tries to comfort her but believes she is still affected by an earlier tragedy. As a detective begins to investigate, her close friend, the housekeeper, and her rather sinister neighbor all contribute to the deepening mystery. (Thriller)



Elaine Wheeler: An upper-middle-class and middle-aged ‘night person,’ Elaine Wheeler suffers from insomnia and what just might be a hyperactive imagination and increasing nervous behaviour. She’s has a history of depression and visions – after the sudden loss of her first philandering husband a few years earlier – but seems very trusting of her second and, until recently, quite content. (35-55)

John Wheeler: Ruggedly handsome middle-aged husband of Elaine, John Wheeler is a collector of fine art and lives a highly comfortable life with his loving wife, but he and Elaine’s friend Blanche share both growing concern for Elaine’s ‘visions’ as well as a secret of their own. (35-60)

Helga: An outspoken German maid with a suspiciously odd disposition and, according to her employer, “the manners of a stormtrooper.” (30-65)

Vanelli: A nice, young Italian cop – one of Brooklyn’s finest – who takes pride in his career advancement helpfulness, but who requires solid evidence that any crime has occurred. (20-35)

Curtis Appleby: A rather odd-looking older man, Appleby smiles ingratiatingly as he probes his neighbours for local gossip for his weekly newspaper.  (50+)

Blanche Cooke: A pleasant-looking, efficient nurse, Blanche is lovingly supportive of her best friend Elaine, though she has grown close to John, too, as the pair try deal with Elaine’s erratic words and actions. (30-50)

Lieutenant Walker: Coldly cynical, homicide investigator Walker doesn’t suffer fools – or the epidemic of “nervous ladies” who waste police resources. (35-65)

Dr. Tracey Lake: An only-somewhat sympathetic psychiatrist and authority on insomnia. She tries to present herself professionally as a confidante, but doesn’t ever seem to quite believe her patient. (30-65)

Sam Hoke: A large shabby owner of a delicatessen who doesn’t take kindly to being accused of being a prowler, or of his neighbour’s insinuations. (35-65)






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