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50 Hour Film Challenge!


“when all you need is an extra couple of hours”

Friday August 16th 6:00pm – Sunday August 18th 8:00pm

Film Showing & Gala:  August 23rd – 7:00pm

To register: email

Entry cost: $100/team

Surrey Little Theatre is delighted to announce that Hannah Lohnes and her team of technicians are overseeing the revival of the 50 Hour Film Challenge. Lohnes was first introduced to Surrey Little Theatre in 2013 when she competed in the event as teen. In 2014 her group won Best Film. Pulled in by her love of technology and art, Hannah has continued to volunteer at SLT in various capacities. She has now been the Technical Director of the building for 6 years.  

Lohnes says “The 50 Hour Film Challenge began as a new initiative during Surrey Little Theatre’s 50th Season of Live Theatre– From Onstage to Onscreen.  As we now approach our 60th anniversary, and after a few years break, the challenge is coming back stronger than ever!”

 All members of the community are welcome to enter. Teams must have 5 or more members, camera equipment (or a phone!), and editing software.

The challenge weekend starts on Friday August 16th at 6pm when the team representatives meet at the Theatre to receive a randomly selected “inspiration package”.  There is a common theme for all teams with each package having a different location, prop, phrase, and a character. 

Over the course of the following 50 hours, the teams disburse to their “headquarters” to write, shoot, and edit a 5 minute film that will include all the requirements.

The finished product is brought to the theatre by for a chance at prizes including a Best Film Top Prize of $500.00.  Prizes will be awarded August 23rd at the Gala Filmmakers Reception with screenings of all the films. This event is open to the general public.

Social Security

By Andrew Bergman

Directed by Kayt Roth

October 17 – November 16, 2019

A comedic story about a married couple who are art dealers. Their domestic tranquility is shattered with the arrival of the wife’s prim sister, her uptight husband and her bitter mother. They are there trying to save their college daughter from the horrors of college sex. The mother hits it off with an artist friend of the couple much to the dismay of the prim sister. Mild adult themes.

Tickets available HERE


The Late Christopher Bean

By Sidney Howard

Directed by Terry Thomas

January 23 – February 22, 2020

A family who rented a room to a struggling artist finds out that his art is posthumously valuable. Then hilarity and misunderstandings and greed take centre stage as they gather the paintings that could sell for millions. Only the housekeeper seems to have genuinely appreciated Bean.


Tickets available HERE

Perfect Arrangement

By Topher Payne

Directed by Cathie Young

April 23 – May 30, 2020

1950. Georgetown. Washington, D.C. As the Red Scare looms large, two State Department employees, Bob and Norma, receive orders to expose moral turpitude within the government. But, the coworkers are both gay and have married each other’s partners, Millie and Jim, in a picture-perfect façade of domestic, mid-century bliss separated, literally, by a shared closet door. Inspired by true stories of social survival, this bubbly cocktail party-meets-TV sitcom simmers into poignant realism as the four mates face exposure and a future more gray than Technicolor.





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