The Garage Sale



Written by David King

Directed by Miles Lavkulich

2018-01-25 to 2018-02-24

Phil, a middle-aged father, is frustrated with the direction his life has taken. He has a plan though – sell everything and move his wife and two teenagers to the desert. He has, unfortunately, neglected to mention this to his family. Through their discovery of the true reason of the garage sale and the wonderfully strange collection of characters that attend we get a delightful day-in-the-life comedy and some surprising resolutions.    Comedy      Coarse Language

The Cast of The Garage Sale

"Anna" - Kelli Colley

"Phil" - Caleb Walde

"Lois" - Jane Mantle

"Billie" - Holly Zonneveld

"Neil" - Eric Ritchie

"Nan" - Kim Waite

"Randi" - Brittany Vesterbuck

"Pam" - Karis Duncalfe

The Garage Sale - Production Crew

Director - Miles Lavkulich
Producer - Sara Lohnes
Stage Manager - Hannah Lohnes