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Audition Notice: The Late Christopher Bean


Audition Dates: Sun. Oct. 27 & Mon. Oct. 28 - 6:00pm

Callbacks: TBD

Location: Surrey Little Theatre, 7027 184th St, Surrey

Production Dates: January 23 - February 22, 2020

This is a non-equity production. No appointment is required to audition.

Audition protocol: cold read from script

The Play:  The Late Christopher Bean, by Sidney Howard, directed by Terry Thomas

A family who rented a room to a struggling artist finds out that his art is posthumously valuable. Then hilarity and misunderstandings and greed take centre stage as they gather the paintings that could sell for millions. Only the housekeeper seems to have genuinely appreciated Bean.

Roles: 5 men, 4 women

Dr. Haggett – (Age: 40 – 50): A rural doctor, works from his home.  He is the head of the household.  He is upset when people try to swindle him but he has no guilt about swindling others.

Susan Haggett –  (Age: 19): The youngest daughter, the most level headed of the family.  She is in love with a local painter, Warren Creamer.

Abby – (Age: 18 – 25): The maid of the house.  She has worked for the Haggetts for all of her professional life.  She was close with Christopher Bean and is very honest.  Abby is quitting her place at the household.

Mrs. Haggett – (Age: 40 – 50): Wife of Dr. Haggett, she is very aware of appearances and status.  She feels she is above the villagers and neighbours.

Ada Haggett – (Age: 26): The eldest daughter, she is very aware of appearances and status. She is rather childish.

Warren Creamer – (Age: early 20s): The village house painter and paper hanger.  He is an artist as well and is in love with Susan Haggett.

Tallant – (Age: 25 – 35):  A con man from the city.  He is extremely smooth and shabbily dressed.

Rosen – (Age: 35 – 45): A sly, overly friendly Jewish gentleman interested in art.

Davenport – (Age: 60 – 70): An older, distinguished gentleman; an art expert.




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